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Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

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Huaxia Lighting Co., Ltd specializes in developing, manufacturing and selling LED SWIMMING POOL LIGHTS SERIOUS products with international standard since 2007. Being a professional led pool light manufacturer, Huaxia established an...

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How to Use LED Fountain Lights Correctly

How to Use LED Fountain Lights Correctly

Allow me to take you back to the basics. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and it’s a semiconductor light source. LEDs combine a P-type semiconductor and an N-type semiconductor. The former (P) is a larger hole concentration, the latter (N) is a larger electron concentration. When the two come together they emit energy in the form of light. Well, I’m done with the physics class. Now to the fun bit!

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How to Choose LED Marine Lighting

How to Choose LED Marine Lighting

Not every lighting solution is capable of withstanding the tough challenges present in a marine, or beach and lake environments. Both freshwater and saltwater corrodes metal over time, but saltwater expedites this process roughly 5 times faster than freshwater. Even if the luminaire is not directly exposed to water, the humidity of ocean air can cause metals to rust 10 times faster than in air with normal humidity levels. Corrosion can lead to malfunctions, frequent replacements, and unsightly luminaires.

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Maintenance Tips For Wall Mounted LED Pool Light

Maintenance Tips For Wall Mounted LED Pool Light

From every point of view, it will be safe to say that swimming pool light such as the wall mounted LED pool light adds such much beauty to a swimming pool. This swimming pool accessories really come in handy especially when you are swimming at night or just hanging out with your pals around your pool. Whichever way you may look at this, wall mounted LED pool light is an essential asset for your pool area.

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Benefits of Using LED Par56 Pool Light

Benefits of Using LED Par56 Pool Light

Have you ever taken out a moment to think about the lighting of your swimming pool? If no, then its high time you give that part of your home a serious attention. Interestingly, LED Par56 pool light is one type of LED light that many homeowners see as the go-to light for their pool area as well as in their offices and business space.

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