Features of E27 LED Pool Light That Make It Special

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Edison screw bulbs (ES), named E27 bulbs, are specifically designed to make the pool place attractive. E27 LED pool light has a threaded base and screws to be fixed in the holder. It is named E27 because its width is 27mm.

It is uniquely designed for lighting the pool and rooms, and sitting areas by fixing in the lamps or using them as feature lights. It is abundantly used at the domestic level because it needs 230/240V normally.

Features of E27 LED pool light

E27 LED pool light has various attractive features that make its use abundant such as;

1. Energy efficient

The most special feature that convinces customers to buy LED light is its ability to save energy and gives bright light. It is energy efficient, which is why it is also preferred to light up the pool. Hence consuming low input and providing brighter light make it special.

The energy-efficient feature keeps it running smoothly and extends its life span, so it protects the consumer from changing the light repeatedly, with a waste of money. The energy-efficient feature makes it affordable publicly.

E27-PAR25 6W  PC Bulb Swimming Pool Light

2. Heat absorbent

Most of the lights or bulbs used in the past consume more energy and release excessive heat; hence are not energy efficient and eco-friendly. You can use an alternative E27 LED light to avoid all these difficulties.

E27 LED pool lights have the unique feature of absorbing heat instead of releasing it into the environment. The heat absorbing feature makes it special because it reduces the heating effect, so you can use it in summer also.

Interestingly the LED pool lights are cool to the touch compared to the halogen bulbs because there is no mercury in the LED lights.

3. Energy savers

Along with energy efficiency, LED pool lights are also good at saving energy, so they are economically and environmentally friendly. Some dimmers and sensors are fixed inside the lights for energy-saving features.

However, energy-saving pool lights are used inside. Energy-saving features make them durable and need low maintenance.

Hence the heat absorbent, energy efficient, and energy saving features of E27 LED pool lights make them attractive for the people enjoying the pool party.

4. Creative colors

LED pool lights are not restricted to only one color; they are available in various colors with beautiful shadow effects on the place where they are used. The creative colors make them special for the people present at the pool site.

You can create your pool party theme by using different LED pool light colors. The colors are inviting, so make them more beautiful for the poolside party because their reflection in the pool water makes the whole view worth seeing.

5. Brighter pool view with few lights

LED pool lights have a high frequency, so few lights can light up the whole area with creative and attractive colors.

E27 LED pool lights are special because of their high frequency, creative colors, automation, and many other energy-efficient features.




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