Maintenance Tips For Wall Mounted LED Pool Light

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From every point of view, it will be safe to say that swimming pool light such as the wall mounted LED pool light adds such much beauty to a swimming pool.

This swimming pool accessories really come in handy especially when you are swimming at night or just hanging out with your pals around your pool. Whichever way you may look at this, wall mounted LED pool light is an essential asset for your pool area.

However, despite how good this pool artifact may be, proper maintenance is very essential in making sure that your wall mounted LED pool light live long to perform its duty.

Besides helping you to prolong the lifespan of your pool light, regular and proper maintenance will also help you to save your money and invest them on something else over time.

By this, it then becomes very crucial to include your pool light into your regular pool maintenance schedule.

In case you may be sceptic of where to start from in making this all important routine a part and parcel of you, here are some simple ways you can adopt to maintain your wall mounted LED pool light. With this, you can have your pool and its environment shining always.

wall mounted LED pool light


Maintenance tips for Wall mounted LED pool light

1. Ensure that your wall mounted LED pool light box is kept water tight at all time to prevent the light box from corrosion.

2. Always use a clean and silky rag to clean the exterior lenses of your pool light.

3. Always ensure that the water level inside your swimming pool is above the outer plastic casing of the wall mounted LED pool light. This will help to prevent the casing from cracking and discoloration due to excessive sun exposure to sunlight.

4. In most cases, swimming pool light are usually designed to be powered with a low voltage. For this reason, it is important to ensure that the transformer is properly housed to prevent the corrosion of the transformer.

5. When replacing the light bulbs of your wall mounted LED pool light, always ensure that you do so with the manufacturer recommended bulbs and usage terms.

6. Always make it a point of duty to check the plastic casing of your wall mounted LED pool light. With this, you can quickly detect any crack.

7. The inspection and replacement of any wall mounted LED pool light part should always be done be a professional.


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