Safety Tips And Types Of Led Underwater Projector

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When it comes to adding a touch of trend, elegance or even a romantic atmosphere to your swimming pool, a LED underwater projector is the best choice to go for.

The reason for this is because with different types of LED underwater projector, you can give the ambiance of underwater and swimming pool different shades of color that suits your mood and need, especially at night.

Besides, serving as a way of adding brilliance to your swimming pool, a LED underwater projector also serve a protective function by ensuring that your swimming pool is well-lighted and so free from all forms of danger that hard you or your guests while swimming.

For this reason, investing in a high-quality LED underwater projector that will give your swimming pool the needed level of illumination is very important as well as ensuring that your swimming pool is lighted up for use both in the day and at night.

However, in order to ensure that you have the best product for your hard-earned money, sourcing these LED underwater projector from a reliable manufacturer with many years of experience in the trade is highly recommended.

Without much ado, let’s take a quick look at some installation tips and some types of LED underwater projectors you can invest in to illuminate your swimming pool and relaxation area. Read on to learn more.

LED underwater projector

Safety and installation tips for LED underwater projectors

Below are some useful tips to help you have the most of your underwater lights when installing one or a few in your swimming pool.

1. The size of your swimming pool will always determine how many LED underwater projectors you will install in it.

2. When installing LED inground or underwater projectors within a simple swimming pool, the projector must be positioned at about 30-90cm under the rim of the swimming pool.

3. When installing LED underwater projectors, always ensure that your home entrance is placed right behind the direction of the light rays. Doing this will prevent sudden dazzling from the glare and rays of the light.

4. In case you own a swimming pool that is smaller than 40m2, one LED underwater projector is enough to illuminate the entire swimming pool.

5. For a deeper swimming pool, you may consider doubling the number of LED underwater projectors along the deepest part of the swimming pool for proper illumination.

Common Types of LED Underwater Projectors

Below are some of the best types of LED underwater projectors you can invest in;

1. Hippocampe stainless steel LED underwater projector

This is a perfect LED underwater projector specially designed for the steps within waterfalls or a small swimming pool.

2. Nemo Recessed underwater projector

· This is a high-quality LED underwater projector with a long-lasting and very bright illumination that is also adapted to save energy.

3. Oprhie LED underwater Projector

This is a super powerful LED underwater projector that is best for individuals that need super bright lighting within their swimming pool. Despite being very bright and powerful, this LED projector is also known to be very energy efficient with a high power-saving capacity.

 LED Underwater Projectors

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