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What does ip68 mean?

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The waterproof level belongs to the division of the waterproof grade of IP waterproof test equipment, usually we know that the waterproof level is based on the execution standard of the national standard "GB4208-2017 shell protection grade IP Code", so what does the waterproof level ip68 mean?


In fact, the waterproof level ip68 from the definition of the number: the first number "6" is to indicate dust. The second number "8" is on behalf of waterproof, so from the definition of waterproof grade division, it means 6 waterproof grade and 8 waterproof grade, the greater their value, indicating that its waterproof grade is greater, the greater the waterproof performance.
IP waterproof classification
0: completely waterproof without protection;
1: Vertical dripping should have no harmful effects;
2: When the vertical plane of the shell is tilted within the range of 15°, the vertical drip should have no harmful effect;
3: Each vertical face within 60° of water, no harmful effects;
4: Splashing water in all directions to the shell has no harmful effect;
5: Spraying water in all directions to the shell has no harmful effect;
6: Strong water spraying in all directions to the shell has no harmful effect;
7: Immersed in the water under the specified pressure after the specified time, the amount of water into the shell will not reach harmful levels;
8: According to the conditions agreed by the manufacturer and the user (which should be harsher than Level 7), the water intake of the shell will not reach harmful levels after continuous diving;

Well, the above is a brief introduction to the waterproof level. If you need IP68 waterproof lamp, please contact us.


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