What Equipments Are Indispensable For Swimming Pools?

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Water treatment system of the swimming pool is the hardware of water quality treatment, just like our home improvement, after the hard installation, it needs soft decoration to make the home warm and beautiful. The same is true for swimming pools. In addition to water treatment systems, these equipment are also indispensable!


1. swimming pool cleaning tools

Such as shallow nets for cleaning floating debris on the pool surface, underwater vacuum cleaners for cleaning pool bottom sediments, pool brushes, leaf nets, water quality testing agents, etc., these are necessary in the later maintenance and management tools.

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2. safety supplies.

Safety is no small matter. Professional life-saving equipment should be equipped before swimming pool operation. Safety supplies refer to: lifeguard chair, life jacket, life buoy, water line, starting platform, water depth warning sign, etc. These are required in case of urgent need.


3. swimming pool lighting

We not only need to install pool underwater lights, indoor swimming pools also need adequate indoor lighting, so that lifeguards can see the underwater situation. The current underwater lights are safe voltage 12V. We need to check if we choose to meet the IP68 standard. Lights with waterproof, low voltage and stable performance is required.


4. swimming pool disinfectants

Such as Comfort One, Comfort Chlorine Disinfectant, Urea Degradant, ACO Catalyst, APF Flocculant, PH Adjuster, etc. The supporting equipment is electric agitator, dosing barrel, etc. . We must store and put in disinfectants correctly to avoid accidents! Swimming pool disinfectants are chemicals. They should be stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place. Keep the storage area clean. Keep away from combustible substances, grease, paint, and household cleaners, and lock them if necessary. Some disinfectants cannot be added at the same time and should be operated strictly in accordance with the instructions for use.

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