Features of a Good Threading LED Pool Light You Need to Know

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A 2 inch threading LED pool light is common for its vast range of applications. It makes a perfect choice for several pools as well as fountains. However, when selecting yours, you must know all the features that make this light good.

Top 6 Features of a Good Threading LED Pool Light You Need To Know

Here are the top 6 features of a good 2 inch threading LED pool light you need to know.

1. Durable construction

First, you must select the light that comes with durable construction. It is not only about the structural strength, but a good light will bring the following features:

· Acid proofing

· Alkali proofing

· UV resistance

All these features ensure that your LED lights will not get a lot of wear and tear from environmental conditions. Such lights can last longer without any effect on their performance stats.

2. Waterproofing

The next important feature is waterproofing. It is essential for a better life and performance of the lights and for personal safety reasons. A light that is not waterproof may malfunction after some time due to water getting inside and reacting with its electrical components. A good light always comes with epoxy filled inside, providing a 100% waterproofing covering to all electrical components.

3. Power consumption

When you install the 2 inch threading Led pool light, you will not be installing one or two; depending on the pool size, multiple lights will be installed in your pool. So, power consumption must be a valid concern. A good light always comes with less power to ensure maximum stability, even with low wattage levels. On the other hand, if light consumes a lot of energy, that will not be good for your budget.

4. Light color control

Traditional pool lights don't provide a lot of control over the color of light. On the other hand, good lights come with different lighting colors, modes, temperatures, etc. Thus, good LED lights provide complete control over the environment you will be setting up with these lights. For the best experience, select lights with a remote so you can wirelessly change their colors, brightness, etc.

2 inch threading LED pool light

5. Long life

You won't keep the LED pool lights powered the whole day, but these lights still need to offer good service lice. You will get a rated working life of up to 60,000 hours for good lights. Such a light will last for years of normal usage so that you will invest in something good with these lights.

6. Easy installation

The last feature of a good pool LED light is easy installation. Lights suitable for all types of pools, fountains, and similar applications will enhance your experience as they can be installed easily.

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