The Most Important Factors That Should Inform Your Choice of A Slim LED Pool Lighting System

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Swimming is a common activity that is enjoyed by both athletes and non-athletes alike.

The key to enjoying swimming is a comfortable swimming pool environment, which includes the water quality environment, ventilation environment, swimming pool light environment, etc.

In terms of lighting, if the illumination is too dark or the glare is just too intense, you should avoid swimming in such a pool because the environment will ruin your experience and could even leave you feeling insecure.

In this case, the swimming pool should have even better lighting. This is also a necessary condition to enjoy swimming at night.

Hence, if you would like to illuminate your pool to your preferred taste, go for the slim LED pool light.

8mm 10W DC12V Slim led pool lights

Selection of lighting system

The pool's unique environment makes selecting a lighting system difficult.

Knowing the dangers of the pool surroundings will assist you in narrowing down your options and truly comprehending which lighting system will work best for your pool.

1. High lighting effectiveness

Since general lighting in indoor swimming pools is quite poor, prioritizing the lighting effectiveness of lamps and lanterns is essential.

A high-efficiency light fixture can easily meet the pool's basic lighting requirements.

2. Exceptional glare control

Glare can make swimmers' eyes uncomfortable or even cause dizziness. This is extremely detrimental to swimming.

If the ceiling has high bay lights, utilizing a reflector to regulate glare seems to be a relatively simple solution. It is entirely feasible to configure led flood lights across both sides.

In this case, measures such as selecting the proper lens and making adjustments to the rotatable brackets could be used to concentrate the lighting on the main section of the swimming pool.

This lamp arrangement avoids directing light and vision in the same direction, possibly reducing glare.

3. Solution for secure installation

Offering a safety chain for hanging lighting fixtures of a specific weight is a double assurance for activities beneath the lights.

Although the safety chain appears to be a minor detail, it is an extremely important security measure.

4. Strong anti-corrosion properties

The air inside the pool contains a small amount of chlorine, which corrodes exposed metal components. As a result, the anti-corrosion effectiveness of swimming pool lamps must be considered.

A led flood illumination with the use of a die-cast aluminum building material is still more chlorine-resistant than that of other metal components, ensuring the longevity of pool lighting equipment.

Factors that influence Lamp selection

1. Pool water quality management necessitates daily disinfection

Currently, the majority of pool disinfectants are chlorine-based. Once applied, a reaction happens, resulting in small concentrations of chlorine evaporating into the air.

As a result, the lamps used in the swimming pool should have anti-corrosion properties.

2. Water can refract and reflect light

All this, combined with the light spread feature of lamps, may cause severe glare to swimmers, therefore the UGR of lamps here ought to be as low as reasonably achievable.

3. The pool environment is more humid than the other indoor spaces

As a result, the lighting devices utilized here should be waterproof.

4. The structure of the pool

For example, since some pools lack strong load-bearing walls, the lamps can only be fitted on the ceiling.

To ensure the protection of the swimmers under the lamps, a lightweight lamp should be chosen, and safety straps should always be supplied to prevent accidental falls.

Furthermore, the lamps mustn’t be made of glass material to avoid broken glass from falling and cutting swimmers.

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