Merits and Types Of LED Garden Lights

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LED garden lights are lights used to illuminate gardens, yards, and public landscapes. However, they serve many other purposes like safety and security, decorative designs, and social events.

LED lighting is an innovation in the modern world, but over the years, it has ascended rapidly, and now it is found in several decorative homes.

When it comes to garden lighting, there are different styles which include: walkway lights, spotlights, floodlights, deck lights, and pond lights.

There are several advantages to using garden lights over traditional light bulbs.

1. LED garden lights require less energy than other forms of light.

2. LED garden lights tend to last much longer than other lights.

3. It reduces the danger of causing damage to the skin through burns.

4. LED garden lighting doesn’t emit as much heat as other forms of light.

LED garden lights are usually installed based on the type of garden and personal preference. There are some places you would love to see your light.

For instance, you may prefer to see your trees light up at night. Some others prefer to see their walls, floors, or pathways lit up the night.

In addition, statues and decorations, seating areas, pools, ponds, artificial fountains, or waterfalls are places you could install your garden lights.

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Types of LED garden light

There are several types of LED garden lights, and they serve different purposes for different people.

1. Garden spike lights

As the name implies, they are appropriately used to furnish specific garden features such as a tree, a plant, or a wall. You can install garden spike lights on grass or mud.

2. LED floodlights

Customarily, Floodlights exist in large areas because of their brightness. They are installed on walls or in the ground.

In addition, LED garden floodlights are most appropriate for social events or socially active places like recreational centers.

3. Recessed step lights

You can fix Recessed step lights on step stones and stairs. In addition, step lights are often placed on the walkway to enable people to see where they are going for safety reasons.

4. LED bollard lights

You can install LED bollard lights on walkways near the grass or plants. Also, you can use LED bollard lights in terraces, gardens, balconies, and driveways

5. Spotlights

You can use spotlights to illuminate a single area or highlight trees and shrubs. In addition, you can use spotlights as security lights in dark spots around the house. You can install spotlights close to the bins for safety reasons.

6. Underground lights or well lights

As the name implies, underground and well lights are usually installed underground or on a wooden deck for lighting. In addition, you can use underground lights to illuminate dark places. You can find well-lights on decks, patios, and nearby pools.

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